31 Vegan Clean Eating Weight Loss Recipes for January

These vegan clean eating weight loss recipes will be your best friends in January, if you have made a resolution to slim down and get healthy in the New Year.


Vegan Clean Eating Weight Loss January

These plant-based Vegan Weight Loss Recipes for January are perfect if you've made a decision to lose weight in the new year! | The Green Loot #vegan #veganrecipes #plantbased #weightloss


You don’t have to stress from the thought of living on dull salads and no chocolate for a month or two; vegan clean eating has come to the rescue. We have collected 31 amazing recipes for you that are so delicious while being healthy that you will actually have fun while dieting. Let’s kick this resolution in the butt!

You will find the recipes in the following order:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Dinner
  • Drinks




1. Apple Oat Pancakes

Vegan Apple and Oat Pancakes
Photo: The Green Loot

A tasty, filling and comforting breakfast recipe, that’s made of only the healthiest ingredients! These pancakes will help you slim down and warm up.


2. Orange Kiwi Smoothie

orange kiwi smoothie
Photo: The Green Loot

Did you know that kiwi has an even higher Vitamin C content than oranges? Yep! This green smoothie is filled with the best ingredients to make your skin glow and slim you down.


3. Scrambled “Eggs” with Tofu

This Vegan Scrambled Eggs recipe is THE ONE you have been looking for. High-protein, plant-based, clean eating and SUPER delicious. Goodbye eggs, hello tofu! | The Green Loot #vegan #veganrecipes #plantbased
Photo: The Green Loot

If you prefer savory breakfasts, this tofu scramble might be your best healthy choice. Full of protein and healthy veggies, it is a delicious meal for even dinner.


4. Cranberry Ginger Crumble Fruit Bake

Cranberry Ginger Crumble Fruit Bake
Photo: Jar of Lemons

A cozy and crunchy deliciousness to start your day right. The baked fruits will warm you up and keep you full until lunch.


5. Orange Ginger Turmeric Detox Smoothie

Orange Ginger Turmeric Detox Smoothie
Photo: The Endless Meal

After all the crazy Christmas feasts, January is the best time of the year for a full body detox. To help your diet, drink a glass of this pleasant orange smoothie every morning. Its high fiber and vitamin content will help your metabolism a lot.


6. Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl
Running on Real Food

Super easy and quick to make, this breakfast “bowl” is a perfect clean eating Winter breakfast.


7. Blue Mermaid Smoothie Bowl

Blue Mermaid Smoothie Bowl
Photo: Greens of The Stone Age

This gorgeous ocean-inspired smoothie bowl can be the best medicine for “January blues”. A delicious and vitamin-packed goodness to make your mornings awesome.




8. Lentil and Potato Stew

Lentil and Potato Stew
Photo: Occasionally Eggs

This lentil stew is filled with fiber-rich and tasty ingredients that make for a filling and warming lunch.


9. Clean Buddha Bowl

Clean Buddha Bowl
Photo: Two Raspberries

This bowl is ridiculously easy to make, but so satisfying and rich-in flavor.


10. Fat Busting Collard Greens Soup

Fat Busting Collard Greens Soup
Photo: Eat Healthy Eat Happy

Collard greens are one of the healthiest and most nutrition-dense food in the world, but they also melt fat away! So eat as much as you want of this hearty soup!


11. Black Pepper Tofu

Black Pepper Tofu
Photo: Cilantro and Citronella

Tofu and rice is a good go-to clean eating combination for every day of the week. This recipe is a delicious version that will make you lick your fingers clean.


12. Broccoli “Cheese” and Potato Soup

Broccoli "Cheese" and Potato Soup
Photo: Handful of Raspberries

A creamy and comforting soup that is super delicious and healthy thanks to the broccoli.


13. Chickpea Stir fry Bowl

Chickpea Stirfry Bowl
Photo: Build Your Bite

Stir-fries are an easy way to whip up something easy and delicious to eat. Packed with delicious chickpeas and added to rice for a hearty meal.


14. Cleansing Detox Soup

Cleansing Detox Soup
Photo: The Glowing Fridge

Flush your body of harmful toxins and fat with this healthy rainbow soup.




15. Grapefruit Chia Pudding

Grapefruit Chia Pudding
Photo: Healthy M & W

Grapefruits are super famous for their fat burning properties, so they make a perfect healthy snack. Meanwhile chia seeds are healthy and protein rich, making this duo a winning and yummy combination.


16. Cinnamon Vanilla Protein Bites (gluten-free)

Cinnamon Vanilla Protein Bites
Photo: Cotter Crunch

Do you want to snack on something healthy but have no time? These vanilla protein bites have what you need. They are sweet, healthy and bite sized. Perfect for busy adults and hungry kiddos.


17. Chocolate Dipped Mandarin

Chocolate Dipped Mandarin
Photo: Deliciously Yum

Fruit dipped in dark chocolate is always a fantastic choice if you need a healthy snack. So easy and quick to make, these mandarins are your go-to Winter treats.


18. Chocolate Orange Chia Pudding

Chocolate Orange Chia Pudding
Photo: A Saucy Kitchen

If you are craving chocolate, make this uh-mazing chocolate-orange chia pudding and enjoy the delicious nutrition overload.


20. Black Bean Chocolate Protein Balls

Black Bean Chocolate Protein Balls
Photo: Emilie Eats

Black beans in a dessert?! That’s right! These crazy delicious protein balls get their protein content from a legume! Extra health points to this chocolate-y sweet.


21. Bruschetta Sweet Potato Toast

Bruschetta Sweet Potato Toast
Photo: What Great Grandma Ate

These sweet potato toasts can be used for 2 occasions: as a salty snack for when you are craving some chips or even a healthy party appetizer for your guests.




22. Portobello Mushroom Taco

Portobello Mushroom Taco
Photo: Healthy Nibbles and Bits

In this taco, meat was swapped for mushrooms and tortilla was swapped for lettuce. A clean eating hack that made the original recipe even better.


23. Roasted Tomatillos Chickpea Curry

Roasted Tomatillos Chickpea Curry
Photo: Chef De Home

Chickpeas are great protein sources that can be made into tasty meals in an instant. This delicious roasted tomatillo curry is a great way to eat these healthy legumes.


24. Winter Rolls

Winter Rolls
Photo: Eat Within Your Means

How fun are these Spring roll-inspired Winter rolls? Colorful and packed with healthy veggies to make your evenings bright and your belly happy.


25. Black Rice & Veggie Glow Bowl

Black Rice & Veggie Glow Bowl
Photo: The Glowing Fridge

This tasty black rice bowl is definitely unique – in a good sense.


26. Red Cabbage Steaks

Red Cabbage Steaks
Photo: Jessi’s Kitchen

Red cabbage is the underrated produce of Winter. It’s too bad, because it is extremely healthy and helps tremendously with weight loss. These fun steaks prove that you can be infinitely creative with your veggies.


27. 30-minute Garden Veggie Barley Soup

30-minute Garden Veggie Barley Soup
Photo: Stacey Homemaker

This miracle garden soup can be made under 30 minutes, making it ideal for week nights.


28. Lentil Stuffed Red Cabbage

Lentil Stuffed Red Cabbage
Photo: Stacey Homemaker

This hearty red cabbage meal is packed with delicious lentils, making it a comforting and satisfying dinner for cold Winter evenings.




29. Turmeric Ginger Lemonade

Turmeric Ginger Lemonade
Photo: Cotter Crunch

Yummy lemonades are not just for Summer! Citrus are Winter fruits, making them the obvious choice for a healthy, cold season drink.


30. Hibiscus Rose Latte

Hibiscus Rose Latte
Photo: Choosing Chia

If this healthy rose latte doesn’t cheer you up in the ugliest month (January), then nothing will.


31. Lemongrass Hibiscus Tea

Lemongrass Hibiscus Tea
Photo: Vegan Lovlie

Hibiscus tea and lemongrass are famous for their incredible health benefits. Mix them in a tea to make the ultimate healthy warming beverage.


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