21 Light Vegan Summer Dinner Recipes for Hot Days

These light Vegan Summer Dinner Recipes and Ideas are perfect for those hot days when you just want to stay out of the kitchen. Make these healthy and easy Light Summer meals in only under 30 minutes!


Vegan Summer Dinner Recipes

These light Vegan Summer Dinner Recipes and Ideas are perfect for those hot days when you just want to stay out of the kitchen. Make these healthy and easy Light Summer meals in only under 30 minute! | The Green Loot #vegan #veganrecipes


1. Israeli Couscous Salad

This Vegan Israeli Couscous Salad is a healthy Summer side dish, that's fresh and soo tasty! You can serve it warm or cold. | The Green Loot #vegan #veganrecipes #Summer #BBQ
Photo: The Green Loot

Here’s a perfectly balanced light Summer salad. Couscous acts as a stage for the tomatoes, cucumbers and kalamata olives. When basil bursts onto the scene, that extra kick of freshness finishes the show with a bang.


2. BBQ Tofu Burger

This Vegan BBQ Tofu Burger is a super easy, vegan burger recipe that's perfect for grilling, July 4th or any Summer parties/dinners. | The Green Loot #vegan #veganrecipes #BBQ #Summer
Photo: The Green Loot

I call this the converter burger — one bite of this tofu burger drenched in bbq sauce, piled high with tomatoes, lettuce and garlic aioli and even the hardest core carnivores will rethink their entire dietary existence.


3. Zucchini Corn Fritters

Vegan Zucchini Corn Fritters
Photo: Making Thyme for Health

Rustle up a bowl, skillet and eight simple ingredients and whoo hoo! You’ve got yourself an irresistible light supper that is healthy as all get out, gluten-free and vegan to boot. These fritters will be a new family favorite, for sure.


4. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

vegan Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
Photo: The Green Loot

Craving a light, but super healthy and high-protein meal? This is it! The tasty Mediterranean flavors make this easy salad an instant favorite! A must-have for BBQ parties, too!


5. Tomato Basil Soup

Vegan Tomato Basil Soup with Tortellini
Photo: The Green Loot

It’s comfort food gone vegan, folks. Craving a hot bowl of tomato soup on a lazy summer night? You got it! The fresh basil and tortellini ups this dish’s ante, transforming this soup from an appetizer to a hearty meal.


6. Grilled Zucchini Hummus Wrap

Vegan Grilled Zucchini Hummus Wrap
Photo: Mae Bells

This is one of those recipes that make simple ingredients sing. Zucchini, ripe tomatoes, red onions, kale and hummus in a grilled tortilla come together and form a choir of utter deliciousness.


7. Basil Pesto Pasta

vegan Basil Pesto Pasta
Photo: The Green Loot

On your mark, get set, go! In five minutes you can be twirling a restaurant-quality pasta around your fork and savoring every last bite. This pasta is so fresh-basil-good, it’s worthy of setting the table and opening a bottle of wine.


8. Eggplant Roll Ups

Vegan Eggplant Roll Ups
Photo: This Savory Vegan

So light, so veggie-tastic — this dish has everything. Think perfectly grilled eggplant rolled up and stuffed with a combo of healthy delights and then plunged into a pool of zesty marinara sauce. This meal is destined to be a favorite of grown-ups and kids alike.


9. White Bean, Basil, & Avocado Sandwich

Vegan White Bean, Basil, & Avocado Sandwich
Photo: Pumpkin and Peanut Butter

Beans on a sandwich? Oh yes you can. This stellar avocado and bean combo is a fresh take on the classic veggie salad sandwich. Add a few fresh basil leaves and some multigrain bread and you’ll be well on your way to yummy.


10. Bean Wrap

Vegan Bean Wrap
Photo: The Green Loot

Life is a whirlwind, so what to do when you need a quick bite to eat? Throw together this vegan bean wrap and all of your mealtime questions will be answered. It’s a satisfying protein spike with juicy tomatoes and a green leaf crunch.


11. Green Pesto Vegetable Soup

Vegan Green Pesto Vegetable Soup
Photo: Well and Full

Who says it’s not easy being green? This has all the herbal goodness of pesto pasta with the additional comfort and coziness of a soup. It’s a winner a million times over and will warm the heart and nourish the soul.


12. Zucchini Pizza Boats

Vegan Zucchini Pizza Boats
Photo: Foodista

Pizza anyone? Being vegan doesn’t mean giving up delicious. Savor the flavors of pizza but in a ridiculously healthy, no-guilt zucchini boat. Nutritional yeast provides the cheesy and the tomatoes, olives and red onions deliver that pizza topping zing.


13. Grilled Summer Squash Sandwiches with Pesto

Summer squash sandwich
Photo: Kitchen Treaty

Who’s up for some squash? Me! (Waves arms wildly) But only if it’s grilled to perfection and slapped on a sandwich. Never fear, the rockin’ Summer squash sandwich is here. This fun, filling and healthy sandwich will hit anyone’s sandwich spot.


14. Easy Balsamic Bean Salad

Vegan Easy Balsamic Bean Salad
Photo: Fried Dandelions

Scan that pantry. With ingredients you probably already have, you can throw together this delicious balsamic bean salad in just a few minutes. It’s the ideal creation to take to your Summer picnic or to enjoy as a protein-packed main dish.


15. Roasted Stuffed Tomatoes

Vegan Roasted Stuffed Tomatoes
Photo: Stacey Homemaker

Nothing says Summer like ripe and juicy tomatoes. Celebrate them in all their glory with this wholesome dish that will leave you feeling nourished but not overstuffed. The basil in the quinoa pesto brings the perfect balance to this easy-to-make tomato extravaganza.


16. Almond Butter Tofu Bowl with Summer Squash

Vegan Almond Butter Tofu Bowl with Summer Squash
Photo: Well Vegan

Bowls are such a trendy way to eat these days and why not? They’re the best method to get all of your protein, veggies and carbs in one go. Try this almond butter tofu bowl and find out what all the fuss is about.


17. Summer Pesto Veggie Pasta

Vegan Summer Veggie Pasta
Photo: Whole and Heavenly Oven

If you love dining al fresco, imagine yourself with a plate of smoky grilled asparagus, sweet peppers and zucchini tossed in basil pesto. When served alongside a heaping helping of penne pasta, you’ve got yourself a quintessential Summer meal.


18. Cucumber Pasta Salad

Vegan Cucumber Pasta Salad
Photo: Food with Feeling

This dish marries two summertime classics — creamy pasta salad and crisp cucumbers tossed with sweet onions. This vegan mélange yields the best of both side dish worlds, plus a generous hit of dill. It rivals anything Grandma used to make.


19. Sweet Corn Curry

Vegan Sweet Corn Curry
Photo: Yup It’s Vegan

Sweet corn and Summer go hand in hand. For something a little different, give this vegan sweet corn curry a try. Spices like garam masala and smoked paprika charge up the coconut milk and bring the whole thing together in a flavor bomb you’ll love.


20. Southwest Veggie Wraps with Ranch

Vegan Southwest Veggie Wraps with Ranch
Photo: This Savory Vegan

Step away from the oven! These no-cook veggie wraps are cool and fresh and will please any crowd of hungry summertime guests. Set up an assembly line and make piles of them in minutes. They’ll disappear as fast as you can make them.


21. Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Vegan Tofu Lettuce Wraps
Photo: Veganosity

How about a tofu wrap? Okay, you’ve got my attention. Now you tell me that the tofu is marinated in teriyaki sauce and then topped with an avocado tzatziki sauce? That’s flavor on top of more flavor!


+1. Summer Fresh Tomato and Basil Pasta

Vegan Summer Fresh Tomato and Basil Pasta
Photo: The Garden Grazer

This dish is like Summer in a bowl. Ripe tomatoes and fresh basil tossed together with penne pasta and some other mouthwatering goodies creates an addictive dish, that is just simply elegant looks and flavor-wise as well.


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What are *your* favorite light Vegan Summer Dinner Recipes for hot days?

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21 Light Vegan Summer Dinner Recipes for Hot Days

These light Vegan Summer Dinner Recipes and Ideas are perfect for those hot days when you just want to stay out of the kitchen. Ready in under 30 minutes!
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