16 Amazing Vegan Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for vegan Mother’s Day gift ideas? Maybe Mom is vegan or you’re vegan and would like to purchase an ethical gift. There are so many options available, whether you’d like to make a homemade gift, purchase a ready-made vegan gift basket, or find a gift she’ll love, no matter your budget!

This Mother’s Day, spoil Mom with breakfast in bed, a handwritten card, and one of these luxurious gifts!


Vegan Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

vegan Mother's Day gift ideas


Homemade & DIY

There are many reasons to make a DIY Mother’s Day gift, whether it be budget constraints, not finding the perfect gift at a store, or wanting to give the personalized touch of a homemade present. 

No matter the reason, Mom is sure to love one of these homemade vegan food gifts and crafts! If you’d like to DIY your own vegan gift basket, you can find an affordable basket, shredded paper, and a pretty ribbon, and fill up the basket with these DIY gifts.


1. Coffee Aquafaba Meringues

Coffee Aquafaba Meringues

Meringues are a wonderful gift because they have a long shelf life and can be made in many different flavors and colors. You can present them nicely in a cellophane bag tied with a ribbon in your DIY Mother’s Day gift.

These vegan coffee meringues are made with aquafaba, the liquid from a can of chickpeas, which can be used in baking as an egg white substitute. Aquafaba meringues have the same taste and texture as the real thing so she won’t miss the version made with eggs. If your mom is a coffee lover, she’ll be sure to savor these meringues and may appreciate the extra dose of caffeine.


2. Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Does Mom love to bake? Homemade vanilla extract is simple to make and makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. All you need is vanilla beans, vodka, and time! You can pour the vanilla extract into a nice bottle and decorate it with a handmade label and pretty ribbon.

It takes several months for the vanilla beans to infuse the vodka with flavor, so if you’re making a last minute Mother’s Day gift, you can add a note saying that it will be ready in time for fall and winter baking. It will be worth the wait and she’ll think of you whenever she opens the kitchen cabinet.


3. DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath and a fizzy bath bomb? These vegan bath bombs are so easy to make with a few ingredients you can find at the grocery store. The bath bombs fizz due to a chemical reaction between baking soda and citric acid, similar to a science fair volcano you may have made in school, but with fun colors and divine scents for a spa night.

Thank Mom for always helping you with your school projects with a little relaxation with these DIY lavender bath bombs! 


4. Homemade Lavender Sugar Scrub

Homemade Lavender Sugar Scrub

This homemade sugar scrub is also made with lavender, and for good reason: it’s a calming, relaxing aroma. If your mom has young children or a stressful job, this is just what she needs!

This sugar scrub is made with ingredients you probably already have at home: sugar, good-for-skin oil, and lavender buds. You can mix up the type of oil and scent to your mom’s preferences. The scrub would also be wonderful with coffee grounds (a natural exfoliant) or vanilla beans if you have some left over from your homemade vanilla extract!


Gift Baskets

These days, there are many vegan gift baskets on the market, and many gift baskets from mainstream retailers are accidentally vegan. If you truly want to splurge on a gift that comes ready to give out of the box, order one of these vegan gift baskets for Mother’s Day. 


5. iGourmet Vegan Delights Collection

iGourmet Vegan Delights Collection

This cooking and snack basket is filled with both sweet and salty vegan snacks like French olives and a Guajillo & Chipotle Chili Super Dark Chocolate Bar, as well as gourmet grains like Tunisian Hand Rolled Couscous and Incan Red Organic Quinoa for cooking (as long as Mom doesn’t have to cook on Mother’s Day!).

It comes assembled in a lovely wooden chest with a satin ribbon. The wooden chest can be reused to store food items or the bath items from one of these other gifts!


6. Mel & Rose The Ultimate Vegan Gift Basket

Mel & Rose The Ultimate Vegan Gift Basket

This gift basket really lives up to its name. The Ultimate Vegan Gift Basket contains a certified vegan Italian Chianti, gourmet nuts and dried fruits, vegan cookies, and more! Give Mom a night to herself with a glass of wine and vegan snacks.


7. Savvy Naturals Ultimate Spa Gift Basket

Savvy Naturals Ultimate Spa Gift Basket

Mom will need a spa day to go along with her gourmet vegan gift basket! This 16-piece vegan spa basket from Savvy Naturals includes everything she’ll need including bath bombs, hair care, and a coconut wax candle.


Gifts Under $20

Only have $20 to spend for Mother’s Day, but want to get the most bang for your buck? These gifts are easy on the wallet, but you’d never know it!


8. ArtNaturals Bath Bomb Set

ArtNaturals Bath Bomb Set

Not into the idea of making your own bath bombs? This 6-piece bath bomb set from ArtNaturals is here to the rescue! 

The bath bombs are made with skin-softening ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter, and come in 6 different scents with names like Zen, Cozy Night, and Energize.


9. 16 Piece Chocolate Assortment by Rose City Chocolatier

16 Piece Chocolate Assortment by Rose City Chocolatier

Rose City Chocolatier has many different chocolate assortments available on Vegan Essentials, but if you have $20 to spend, definitely get the 16-piece assortment! The box contains vegan chocolates with several different fillings such as Dark Hazelnut, Strawberry Cream, and Marzipan Pistachio!


10. Back to the Roots Kitchen Herb Garden in a Can Kit

Back to the Roots Kitchen Herb Garden in a Can Kit

If your mom loves to cook with fresh herbs in the summer, get her an indoor herb garden kit so she can use them year round! This Back to the Roots Kitchen Herb Garden in a Can Kit makes indoor gardening easy! The kit is organic, sustainably made, and recyclable.


Under $50

If you have a little more to spend, your mom will certainly treasure these gifts! 


11. Edith Growing Vegan Soy Candle

Edith Growing Vegan Soy Candle

This soy wax candle comes in two fragrances, Mint & Eucalyptus, and Sandalwood & Vanilla, and has a 45-hour burn time. 

The candle may seem expensive at first glance, but it’s really 3 gifts in one! Once it’s done burning, the ceramic container can be used as a planter to plant wildflower seeds, which are included in the box. Then after the flowers are done blooming, the container can be used for pens, makeup brushes, or jewelry. The company’s idea is to encourage consumers to reuse items so they don’t end up in a landfill. 


12. No Whey! Foods Signature Truffle Collection

No Whey! Foods Signature Truffle Collection

This Signature Truffle Collection from No Whey! Foods is truly decadent with 5 different flavors in 24 truffles. The flavors include “Milk Fudge”, Raspberry, Salted Caramel, Coffee, and Grand Marnier. Yum!

Like all of No Whey! Foods’ products, this truffle collection is vegan, peanut and tree nut free, soy free, wheat free, gluten free, and all natural. 


13. Lush Relax Gift Set

Lush Relax Gift Set

A gift from Lush is always a great idea for Mother’s Day! This gift set is called Relax and comes with a bath bomb, bubble bar, shower gel, and body lotion all wrapped up in a purple box with a ribbon. The bath items and lotions contain some of Lush’s signature scents with notes of lavender, rose, cocoa butter, and chamomile, which are sure to make for a relaxing bath.


Under $100

If you have $100 to spend on a vegan Mother’s Day gift, be sure to try one of these gifts so Mom can treat herself! 


14. Knack A Restful Pause Spa Gift Set

Knack A Restful Pause Spa Gift Set

This spa gift set from Knack has everything your mom needs for a night in with items from high-end brands. The set includes an Herbivore Botanicals Charcoal Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar, Live by Being Drift Salt Bath, a charcoal towel, meditation journal, travel candle, and mini matches.

For an extra $10, you can have the items gift wrapped in their premium gift packaging.


15. Lagusta’s Luscious Comfort Package

Lagusta’s Luscious Comfort Package

Lagusta’s Luscious makes some of the best gourmet vegan chocolates and your mom deserves the best! They have several options for truffle sets, gourmet candy bars, and more, but if you’d like to order a gift set, try the Comfort Package. 

The gift set comes with a 15-piece assorted chocolate box and a handmade robe that comes in 3 gorgeous colors.


16. Spoonful of Comfort Vegan Gourmet Meal

Spoonful of Comfort Vegan Gourmet Meal

Spoonful of Comfort makes several different meal kits, and Mom is sure to love the Vegan Gourmet Meal. The kit comes with a ready-to-eat vegan soup, dinner rolls, cookies, and a ladle, all wrapped up in a cute and colorful package! Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking, and this gift package offers up a tasty, healthy option for a nice dinner.



With so many vegan gift options for Mother’s Day, you’re sure to find something she’ll cherish! Which of these gifts will you be buying for your mom (and maybe an extra one for yourself)?


A few amazing recipes to make for Mom:


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