30 Fantastic Vegan Clean Eating Weight Loss Recipes for Spring

The birds are singing, flowers are blooming. These vegan clean eating weight loss recipes for Spring are here just in time to make the best dinners ever.


Vegan Clean Eating Weight Loss Recipes for Spring

Make these winner vegan clean eating weight loss recipes for Spring, that make amazing seasonal dinners. Get the recipes to detox, burn fat and lose weight while eating delicious food. Spring cleaning means cooking healthy meals too! | The Green Loot #vegan #cleaneating #weightloss

After all, it’s officially the time of rebirth. These meals are perfect if you want to do a Spring cleanse or just crave some delicious food. After Winter and Christmas, your body has a ton of toxins and possibly a few extra pounds. Not to worry! You can easily burn fat and detox while losing weight. Cooking these delicious, healthy seasonal dishes and vegan recipes, will flush your body, so you can glow again. Super tasty, satisfying and full of fresh, crunchy garden veggies like green peas, asparagus, radishes, artichoke and new potatoes. These Spring cleaning meals are more than just salads!



1. Roasted Tomato Risotto with Arugula Basil Pesto

Vegan Roasted Tomato Risotto with Arugula Basil Pesto
Photo: Heather Christo

This creamy risotto is a flavorful Spring dinner that is filled with arugula, roasted tomatoes, avocado and corn. A delightful meal to choose if you would like something clean and comforting to eat.


2. Grilled Asparagus Tofu Spring Rolls

Vegan Grilled Asparagus Tofu Spring Rolls
Photo: Bojon Gourmet

What’s better for dinner than protein-rich tofu and veggies? These satisfying “updated” spring rolls are definitely a go-to meal for cleansing your body. So tasty and crunchy; it’s an instant favorite.


3. Green Split Pea Spinach Pizza

Vegan Green Split Pea Spinach Pizza
Photo: Blissful Basil

One of our favorite food hacks is healthy, veggie pizza crust. Since, it’s Spring it has to be made from fresh garden veggies. This crunchy and mouthwatering green pizza is so yummy, you’ll never go back to wheat.


4. Spring Quinoa Minestrone

Vegan Spring Quinoa Minestrone
Photo: Simply Quinoa

Minestrone is already a heavenly delicious soup, but if you put quinoa in it too, there’s no reason left not to eat it every single day ’til June.


5. Potato Socca with Mustard Greens

Vegan Potato Socca with Mustard Greens
Photo: Faring Well

Eating greens for breakfast has to be the easiest thing when you pair them with this finger licking potato socca. It’s a hearty start to the day, that will fuel you until late afternoon.


6. Balsamic Spring Vegetable Salad

Vegan Balsamic Spring Vegetable Salad
Photo: Pumpkin and Peanut Butter

A wonderful crunchy and tasty salad for those who don’t really like leafy greens. Artichokes and avocado are almost like comfort food anyways, right?


7. New Potato Pea Curry

Vegan New Potato Pea Curry
Photo: The Flexitarian

Even though, the weather gets so much better in the Spring, it can still get really cold at times. For those occasions, you can just whip out this superb curry recipe, filled with green peas and silky potatoes. There is hardly anything better on a chilly March evening.


8. Mushroom Asparagus Tacos

Vegan Mushroom Asparagus Tacos
Photo: Gourmande In The Kitchen

We are completely drooling over these gorgeous and grain-free asparagus tacos. Seriously, who thinks asparagus is boring?!


9. Spring Salad

Vegan Spring Salad
Photo: Naturalmente Buono

If every salad on Earth had potatoes and fresh, crunchy radishes in them, everyone would love salads.


10. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Vegan Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Photo: Floating Kitchen

Out of ideas for a quick weeknight dinner, or a fancy family gathering? These ridiculously simple but fancy stuffed sweet potatoes will not disappoint in either case.

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