These 12 Weight Loss Myths Are Totally Sabotaging Your Diet

Are These 12 Weight Loss Myths Totally Sabotaging Your Diet?

These Weight Loss Myths Are Totally Sabotaging Your Diet.


If you have ever been stagnating while dieting and couldn’t figure out the reason…I’m here to help you.

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There are several weight loss “myths” circulating around, that are actually very harmful to your diet.

These 12 Weight Loss Myths Are Totally Sabotaging Your Diet

1.) Eating chicken/salmon/dairy/eggs is a good dietary choice.

Nonono! Other, than the ethical reasons not to eat animal derived products,

there are plenty of reasons as well. Your body has a very hard time digesting animal products, like meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

It takes a long long time, so it slows down your metabolism, like crazy.


On the other hand, eating natural fiber rich food like plants, super charges your metabolism.

If you would like to lose weight, you have to aim for the “super charge” part. 😉


Dairy is an extremely bad choice, given it’s high fat amount and the hormones

that can be found in them. (Watch Dairy is Scary on Youtube, it explains it perfectly why dairy is horrible!)

Although eggs contain a relatively high amount of protein,

their colesterol levels are awful. You don’t want clogged arteries folks!


2.) Olive oil/Coconut oil is healthy.

Weight Loss Myths oil

Nope! Look, it’s not the worst food you can put in your body in small amounts, but it still kinda is.

The fats in ANY oil are guilty for clogging our arteries,

and they contain a ridiculous amount of calories (1 tablespoon olive oil= 100 calories).

You can make the healthiest, cleanest salad in the world, but if you drench it in oil, it won’t matter.


Imagine, that you put in that amount of calories,

when you could have just eaten a whole salad and feel so much fuller.

If you can, strive for an oil-free diet, but if you really need, try half a tablespoon/day.


3. If you want to lose weight you have to eat very few calories.

Please don’t eat below your BMR!

There is a thing called Basal Metabolic Rate,

and it shows how much calories you need on a daily basis to operate your body.


Even if you are asleep all day, your body will burn this amount of calories, to stay alive.

You should ALWAYS reach your BMR at least!


You might think, that if you don’t reach that amount,

your body will start to burn your stored fat and you will lose weight.

Unfortunately for all of us, it’s not that easy.


Even though, your body WILL use up some of your fat storages (It doesn’t have a choice),

but it will switch to starvation mode. And that’s bad news for you.

If your body switches to starvation mode it means, that next time you eat even a little below your calorie limit,

it will store it again instead of using it!


4.) A Low carb diet is the most efficient for weight/fat loss.

Weight Loss Myths few calories

It’s really not. Our body’s main energy source is carbs.

You have probably noticed, that when you don’t eat enough carbs, you get annoyed/irritated/tired.

That happens on a reason. Your body needs and love

s carbs!


The important things is that you choose the right carbs like fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and legumes.


5.) If you are hungry/have cravings, eat some carrots or lettuce.

Oh, no. You can see this happen all the time in movies and commercials,

but it’s a horrible habit. If you don’t like carrots or lettuce, for the love of quinoa,

do NOT eat carrots. It’s a very demotivating habbit to eat something you hate,

just for the sake of it being healthy.


(For example, I hate zucchini, and no matter how healthy it is, I won’t eat it.)

You shouldn’t associate dieting with being miserable while eating food that you find yucky.

It should be an uplifting experience, and you should absolutely eat yummy meals!


6.) You should skip breakfast.

weight loss myths skipping breakfast

You shouldn’t skip breakfast, and here’s why.

Research shows, that skipping breakfast will result in cravings in the afternoon.


If you eat a big and proper breakfast in the morning (with the right food)

your body will be fueled properly and you will fill the difference throughout the whole day.

Recommended breakfast: raw fruits, nuts, oats.


7.) You should skip dinner.

Skipping dinner will only result in one thing: midnight snacking.

It’s the fastest way to ruin your diet and mess up your metabolism.


You should always eat a moderate dinner that contains of mainly protein and veggies.

Your last meal should be 3-4 hours before you go to sleep,

so your body has enough time to digest the food while you are awake.

Check out my vegan weight loss dinner ideas!

They are so yummy, and perfect if you are dieting but would like to eat something filling and delicious in the evening.


8.) You can cheat only once a week.

Not, if you cheat right. It’s all about choosing the right, healthy snacks or meals to cheat with.

Here are a few healthy snack ideas.

healthy vegan weight loss snacks salty


9.) You can’t feel full.

Actually, you absolutely can! If you eat 2 big bowls of salad, you will fill really full, but you only consumed 200-300 calories.

It’s all about, what you fill your stomach with.


10.) You can lose 10 pounds a week.

The officially recommended amount of weight loss is 1 pound/week.

What does this mean? It means that losing more weight than this will probably result in yoyo effect.

As soon as you stop dieting the pounds will come right back on.

So, all your hardwork will be for nothing. If you think about it, it’s perfectly logical.

You didn’t put on that weight in 1 week. So, you shouldn’t lose it in that time either.

Try aiming for a sustainable weight loss, that is reasonable and long term.

Even if you want to lose weight for a specific occasion, you shouldn’t do it radically.

Don’t hurt your body with extreme diets. They only provide temporary results.


11.) It’s fine to eat processed food/fruit juices everyday, if it’s a small amount.

Weight Loss Myths orange

I don’t think so. Processed food is never good.

If you can, you should completely eliminate processed foods from your diet,

and only eat them as cheat meals.

Imagine, if you eat 2 pieces of toast everyday. In 2 weeks that’s 28 slices!

Almost 3 whole bread! If you ask me, that’s way too much processed food.

Also, drinking store-bought “100%” orange juice/fruit juice everyday is going to slow down your weight loss significantly. Unfortunately store-bought fruit juices are not really clean fruit.

They have a ton of sugar in them. Try making smoothies or squeeze your own orange juice.


12.) Weight loss pills help you achieve your dream body, while you eat junk food.

Weight Loss Myths diet pills

No pill or magic shakes will EVER make you lose weight and keep it off too.

They may help you shed a few pounds, but they will never be fully efficent and you are feeding your body with harmful ingredients that they are stuffing the pills and drinks with.

Instead of fake artificial solutions, that only make your wallet thinner, but not your body,

choose natural food. Chilli, green tea and lemons for example have amazing fat burning effects.


Sprinkle some chillipowder on your food and/or drink 1-2 cups of green tea with lemon juice everyday.

I guarantee you will have at least the same effect as you would with tablets.


What weight loss myths have you heard, that are false?Save


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