19 Healthy Vegan Matcha Green Tea Recipes (Easy Treats)

Vegan Matcha Green Tea Recipes of healthy and delicious treats to energize your diet.


Vegan Matcha Green Tea Recipes

Vegan matcha green tea recipes that are super healthy and tasty. Make an easy latte, smoothie, dessert or breakfast for detox and weight loss. The incredible benefits of matcha will amaze you! | The Green Loot #vegan #matcha

If you are not yet familiar with this bright green wonder, matcha is basically a Japanese powdered green tea that is grown in a specific way. The reason why it is incredibly popular is because it has certain chemicals that give you a lot of “calm energy”. It means that matcha contains caffeine but it doesn’t make you “jittery” like coffee. So it’s literally perfect. It also has a light sweet flavour, making it ideal not just for your breakfast drink but a healthy sweet treat to.


1. Matcha Strawberry Tart

Vegan Matcha Strawberry Tart
Photo: Lazy Cat Kitchen

A decorative treat that you can make for special occasions like tea parties, bridal showers or even Sunday brunches. Easy to make and full of healthy ingredients.


2. Matcha Coconut Vanilla Smoothie

Vegan Matcha Coconut Vanilla Smoothie
Photo: The Garden Grazer

Mornings get a thousand times better if you start them with a matcha smoothie. That’s our promise.


3. Matcha Coconut Pancakes

Vegan Matcha Coconut Pancakes
Photo: Healthy Eating Jo

This drool-worthy, gluten-free pancake is light and fluffy and just green enough to get you in the mood for healthy eating.


4. Matcha Green Tea Latte

Vegan Matcha Green Tea Latte
Photo: Mariko Sakata

A latte that qualifies as a dessert. Only without the fattening parts.


5. Easy Matcha Tiramisu

Vegan Easy Matcha Tiramisu
Photo: Lunch Box Bunch

Never heard of ‘matcha-misu’ before? Well then, it’s about time that this exquisite fluff of sweetness gets a spotlight in your kitchen.


6. Matcha Milkshake

Vegan Matcha Milkshake
Photo: Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen

It’s not an easy task to make kids eat/drink anything that’s green. Although, this amazingly fun freak shake will change your kiddo’s opinion on that for sure.


7. Raw Matcha Carrot Cake

Vegan Raw Matcha Carrot Cake
Photo: Sprinkle of Green

Raw cake is the queen of healthy desserts. Especially if it’s filled with carrots and a creamy matcha layer.


8. Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Vegan Matcha Smoothie Bowl
Photo: Cooktoria

Mornings can get rather hectic if you don’t organize them properly. There isn’t always time to eat a hearty breakfast, but a pretty and healthy smoothie bowl can always come to the rescue.


9. Matcha Mint Iced Tea

Vegan Matcha Mint Iced Tea
Photo: Love and Lemons

Nothing better to cool down with in hot weather than an iced matcha tea.


10. Matcha Ice Cream (3 ingredients)

Vegan Matcha Ice Cream (3 ingredients)
Photo: What Great Grandma Ate

Store-bought ice creams tend to be made with a ton of unreadable ingredients of questionable quality at best. But you can never go wrong with an easy, icey, homemade green tea treat.