45 Freaky DIY Vegan Halloween Treats and Snacks

These easy, Vegan Halloween Treats and snack recipes are guaranteed to make your party super fun, sweet and spooky!


DIY Vegan Halloween Treats and Snacks

These easy, Vegan Halloween Treats and snack recipes are guaranteed to make your party super fun, sweet and spooky! | The Green Loot #vegan #veganrecipes #Halloween


You can make them easily and quickly. They will be the favorite of children for sure. You will find a few extra healthy recipes, in case you are worried about the teeth of the little ones! 🙂



1. Bloody Cups for Halloween (gluten-free)

Vegan Bloody Cups for Halloween (gluten-free)
Photo: Elephantastic Vegan


2. Tangerine Pumpkins & Banana Ghosts

Vegan Tangerine Pumpkins & Banana Ghosts
Photo: Flo and Grace


3. Spooky Skull Pot Pies

Vegan Spooky Skull Pot Pies
Photo: Healthy Slow Cooking


4. Halloween Roasted Veggies

Vegan Halloween Roasted Veggies
Photo: Live Eat Learn


5. Bloody Eyeball Dessert

Vegan Bloody Eyeball Dessert - Vegan Pudding
Photo: Nerdy Mamma


6. Spooky Black Bean Hummus

Vegan Spooky Black Bean Hummus
Photo: Fat-Free Vegan


7. Mummied Bananas

Mummied Bananas
Photo: Vie De La Vegan


9. Halloween Monster Witch Cupcakes

Vegan Halloween Monster Witch Cupcakes
Photo: Neurotic Mommy


11. Caramel Apples

Vegan Caramel Apples
Photo: The Green Life


13. Homemade Pumpkin Chocolate Bars (Raw)

Vegan Homemade Pumpkin Chocolate Bars (Raw)
Photo: Deviliciously Raw


14. Deviled Purple Potatoes

Vegan Deviled Purple Potatoes
Photo: Veggies Save The Day


15. Homemade Pumpkin Juice

Vegan Homemade Pumpkin Juice
Photo: Healthy Slow Cooking


16. Halloween Spider Cupcakes

Vegan Halloween Spider Cupcakes
Photo: Eat Healthy Eat Happy


17. Healthy Halloween Monster Mouths

Healthy Halloween Monster Mouths
Photo: Texanerin


18. Pistachio Cake with Rose Water

Pistachio Cake with Rose Water
Photo: Spring Lane


19. Mini Pumpkin Cheesecake Jack-O-Lanterns

Mini Pumpkin Cheesecake Jack-O-Lanterns
Photo: Food Faith Fitness


20. Paleo Pumpkin Pie Caramel Cups (Nut-Free)

Vegan Paleo Pumpkin Pie Caramel Cups (Nut-Free)
Photo: Paleo Running Momma


21. Halloween Dead Man Burgers

Vegan Halloween Dead Man Burgers
Photo: Wing It Vegan


23. Raw Goji and Pumpkin Mini Cake

Vegan Raw Goji and Pumpkin Mini Cake
Photo: Deviliciously Raw


24. Apple Mummies

Vegan Apple Mummies
Photo: Two Healthy Kitchens


25. Halloween Gingerbread Skeletons

Vegan Halloween Gingerbread Skeletons
Photo: Donna Hay


26. Halloween Cupcake Monsters

Vegan Halloween Cupcake Monsters
Photo: Feasting On Fruit


27. Frankenstein Kiwis

Vegan Frankenstein Kiwis // Vegan Halloween Treats, Snacks, Recipes
Photo: Two Healthy Kitchens


28. Healthy No Bake Unicorn Bites (Paleo, Gluten Free)

Vegan Healthy No Bake Unicorn Bites (Paleo, Gluten Free)
Photo: The Big Man’s World


29. Graveyard Taco Cups

Vegan Graveyard Taco Cups
Photo: Fork and Beans


30. Chocolate Peanut Butter Spiderweb Brownies (Gluten-Free)

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Spiderweb Brownies (Gluten-Free)
Photo: Beaming Baker


31. Pumpkin Panna Cotta

Vegan Pumpkin Panna Cotta
Photo: Lands and Flavors


32. Silly Apple Monster Bites

Vegan Halloween Fruit Monster Treats
Photo: Fork and Beans


33. Mummy Pumpkin Cookies

Vegan Mummy Pumpkin Cookies
Photo: OMG Chocolate Desserts


34. Creepy Crawly Sugar Cookies

Vegan Creepy Crawly Sugar Cookies
Photo: My Darling Vegan


35. Vampire Bite Cupcakes

Vegan Vampire Bite Cupcakes
Photo: V Nutrition and Wellness


36. Frankenstein Brown Rice Krispie Treats

Vegan Frankenstein Brown Rice Krispie Treats
Photo: Fork and Beans


37. Pumpkin Cookies

Vegan Pumpkin Cookies
Photo: A Saucy Kitchen


38. Halloween Pudding Cups

Vegan Halloween Pudding Cups
Photo: Namely Marly


39. Fruity Bat Candies

Vegan Fruity Bat Candies
Photo: BitterSweet Blog


40. Pumpkin Halloween Cake

Pumpkin Halloween Cake
Photo: Deviliciously Raw


41. Chocolate Mummy Cupcakes

Vegan Chocolate Mummy Cupcakes
Photo: Veganosity


42. English Muffin Pizza Mummies

Vegan English Muffin Pizzas: Vegan Mummies
Photo: Veggies Save The Day


43. Candy Skull Crushers

Vegan Candy Skull Crushers
Photo: Wallflower Kitchen


44. Nakd Mousse Pots

Vegan Nakd Mousse Pots
Photo: Wallflower Kitchen


45. Pastry Voodoo Dolls

Vegan Pastry Voodoo Dolls
Photo: Love Is In My Tummy


46. Paleo Witch Finger Cookies

Vegan Paleo Witch Finger Cookies
Photo: Food Faith Fitness


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What are *your* favorite DIY Vegan Halloween Treats and Snacks?

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