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The 15 Best Vegan Gift Baskets to Give in 2023

These vegan gift baskets are perfect to give your loved ones! Hampers with wine, chocolate, dried fruit, whole foods, snacks and more.


Vegan Gift Baskets

Best Vegan Gift Baskets

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What is a good gift for a vegan?

Generally,  you can give any certified vegan food or drink items as gifts. Make sure the product has the a vegan label or check the brand’s website for reassurance.


What to put in a vegan gift basket?

  1. vegan wine or champagne (or any vegan non-alcoholic soft drinks)
  2. premium tea/coffee (fair trade!)
  3. vegan chocolate and snacks
  4. tea biscuits
  5. organic fresh fruit
  6. dried fruit
  7. nuts and seeds
  8. canned gourmet food (unique jams, olives, artichokes…etc.)
  9. fresh herbs in a pot (basil, mint…etc.)
  10. culinary rosewater or lavender
  11. vegan cookbook
  12. vegan beauty items (cruelty-free!)


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The Best Vegan Gift Baskets


1. Artisan British Vegan Gift Basket

  • Price: $135

Vegan Gift Baskets

Who’s up for a wicker hamper full of locally sourced British luxury delights? I am! It’s packed with snacks and sweet treats, all recipients of the Great Taste award.

As a snack aficionado, I’d start with the salt and sweet popcorn and, honestly, I probably wouldn’t share. Then, I’d sit back and enjoy a few rosemary and garlic olives while I plundered the rest of the basket.

This gift would be an ideal way to say congratulations or to celebrate an important milestone like a promotion.


2. Vegan Italian Dinner for 2 Gift Basket

  • Price: $47
    Italian Dinner for 2 Gift Basket

Italian anyone? This basket has all of the makings for a cozy and romantic dinner. The diners will begin with a breadstick and olive appetizer and they’ll finish with a choice of two different sauces for their shell-shaped pasta.

Frankly, I can’t resist a pesto sauce, so after I’d polished off the olives, I’d be diving into some pasta pesto. There’s even two bottles of Italian lemonade to wash everything down.

This basket is perfect for a wedding or anniversary present or for that special someone on Valentine’s day.


3. Vegan Valentine Gift Basket

  • Price: $38

Vegan Gift Baskets for Valentine's Day

Will I be your valentine? Absolutely, if I can get my hands on this yummy basket. Filled with vegan-friendly treats, both sweet and savory, it’ll spark adoration and a delicious taste sensation.

My favorites would be the popcorn and the Bombay mix, but I’m a sucker for anything crunchy. What romantic basket would be complete without some decadent organic dark chocolate?

This basket would make a perfect romantic gift for any special someone but it would also be great for a vegan who needs a little extra love.


4. Eco Friendly Canadian Gift Basket

  • Price: $95

Eco Friendly Canadian Gift Basket

The environmentally conscious need snacks too! For sweet and nutty treats, you can’t beat this Canadian gift basket. Inside you’ll find brittles, gourmet chips, crackers, nuts and coffee — all responsibility produced.

I don’t know about you, but I have yet to find a nut brittle that doesn’t speak to me, and I’m sure the Espresso Peanut Brittle and Chai Latte Brittle will be no different.

This basket is perfect for graduates, as a care package or just to send to someone who needs a little surprise in their life.


5. Care Package Gift Basket

  • Price: $182

Vegan Gift Baskets

Not everyone has the time to jet off to the spa for a relaxing day of self-care — so what’s the solution? Here’s a spa day in gift basket form! Light that candle and enjoy silky lotions, rejuvenating creams, bath salts, a body scrub and so much more.

After I replenish my skin with lotion rub down, I’m putting those cozy socks and kicking back.

This basket would be a perfect gift for your girlfriends, sisters, new moms, mother’s day, or for anybody who has been super stressed out.


6. Organic Fruit Gift Basket

  • Price: $70

Organic Fruit Gift Basket

One thing I’ve learned in life — you will never go wrong sending the gift of fruit. Ideal for any occasion, this wire basket with a removable lid contains some of the finest organic pears, apples, oranges and grapefruit.

Me? I’m going for those pears. Cut them up and eat them as is or make a delicious pear tart to wow the relatives.

Whether for a thank you gift basket or if you just want to show someone you’re thinking of them, fruit baskets are a win-win.


7. Dried Fruits and Nuts Gift Basket

  • Price: $80

Dried Fruits and Nuts Gift Basket

Do you know someone who loves to entertain? This gift basket is a dried fruit and nut bonanza with enough delicious goodies to keep even the most raucous crowd at bay.

It may just be me, but I adore a gift basket that has ready-made food I can put out and feed to my guests.

Dates and apricots are my favorites, but frankly I’m up for anything in this basket. So for the holidays or any time of year, this basket is a winner.


8. Five Minute Vegan Meals Gift Basket

  • Price: $88

Five Minute Vegan Meals Gift Basket

A gift basket with a variety of five minute meals? I may order this one for myself. It’s got pastas, sauces and risotto mixes made from ethically sourced and sustainably farmed ingredients.

Best of all, the contents will ensure that you’ll have several fast, gourmet meals that no one will complain about. I’m all about that porcini risotto or maybe I’d make a sauce with the passata for the tortiglioni.

This would be an ideal basket for an anniversary gift or even as a foodie’s birthday present.


9. Eco Pampering Gift Basket

  • Price: $47

Eco Pampering Gift Basket

Ah, who wouldn’t rejoice at a box arriving on their doorstep with everything needed for an extravaganza of self-care. This box has it all — soap, a sponge and towel, a foot stone and even a candle to create that perfect mood.

Give me that botanical bath infusion, Mama, and I’ll be just fine.

If you have a girlfriend, sister or know a new mother or would just like to thank your own mother for all that she does, this would be the perfect reward.


10. Italian Dinner Gift Basket #2

  • Price: $85

vegan gift basket ideas

Dim the lights, light a candle and get ready for an Italian meal for two. This gift basket has everything required to turn a boring weeknight into an enchanted evening in Italy.

I’ll start with the olive and sourdough crackers, thank you very much. Then I’ll help myself to some pistachio pesto pasta. The coolest thing in the box, however, might just be that bunch of dried oregano.

This is a perfect gift for newlyweds or for any couple who loves vegan Italian food.


11. Wine Lover’s Gift Basket

  • Price: $175

Wine Lover's Gift Basket

Attention wine lovers! This gift basket is tailor made for anyone who loves to nibble on gourmet vegan munchies while sipping on a fine glass of wine.

Popcorn, olives, dried fruit and chocolate chip cookies are just the beginning for the fortunate recipient of this basket. I’m not sure which wine I’d open first but I’m definitely going for that dark chocolate.

This gift basket would be a perfect way to say thank you or would make a fantastic house warming gift.


12. Gourmet Vegan Gift Basket with Cookbook

  • Price: $180

Gourmet Vegan Gift Basket with Cookbook

This basket is a gourmet snacker’s delight. It has a little bit of everything including tea, olives and almonds just to name a few.

It also comes with a vegan cook book — a fantastic way to show the vegan in your life that you’re on board with their life choices. I know I’d snap up that tomato and artichoke bruschetta spread first thing.

I can imagine this basket being perfect as a care package for someone in a new apartment or to celebrate a friend-iversary.


13. Vegan Meat Subtitutes Gift Basket

  • Price: $40

Meat Subtitutes Gift Basket

Has someone in your life recently dipped their toes into the vegan lifestyle? If so, this gift basket would be a perfect introduction to the many meatless possibilities in the vegan universe.

Inside they’ll find a variety of all natural vegan steaks, jerky, bouillon cubes, recipe cards and more. If someone sent me this, I’d dive right on into one of those teriyaki primal strips. Yum!

So for recent vegan converts or if you just want to tell a vegan you love them, this basket is a must-send.


14. The Ultimate Vegan Foodie Gift Basket

  • Price: $175

The Ultimate Vegan Foodie Gift Basket

Is there a foodie in your life who is all about organic products? This hamper has a little bit of every crave-able treat a hungry person could desire.

From popcorn to nut butter, someone will have a ball digging through this hamper to find their favorite thing. I know I’d be looking for the chocolate chip macaroons and the sourdough crisp bread.

I can see sending this to someone as a birthday present, a holiday gift or just to say hey, I thought you might be hungry.


15. Italian Food Lover’s Gift Basket

  • Price: $145

Italian Food Lover's Gift Basket

Fair warning — you’ll need to keep this gift basket hidden from non-vegans. It’s an Italian-inspired jackpot that has 11 tasty and tempting items.

As an appetizer, have wine knot crackers, almonds and spicy olives. Then you’ll get cooking with the preserved lemons, risotto and pasta. And I’ve got my eye on you, cherry jam and you, orange slice marmalade.

As a perfect house warming present for a foodie friend, or as a wedding present for the couple who loves to cook, this basket rocks.


More vegan gift ideas:


Which brands make your favorite vegan gift baskets?

Let me know in the comments below!

vegan gift baskets

The 15 Best Vegan Gift Baskets You Can Give in 2023

These vegan gift baskets are perfect to give your loved ones! Hampers with wine, chocolate, dried fruit, whole foods, snacks and more.
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